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Maskati Cloth Mahajan History

Maskati Cloth Mahajan is established in 1906. Maskati Cloth Mahajan has completed more than 111 years and created big name & fame in India. Maskati Cloth Mahajanh as currently more than 1500 registered members.

In 1906 when Cloth Merchants Mahajan was looking for a big space for merchants business, Mr. Abdul Taiyab Ismaileji offered large market space on a token of Rs.1 rent. So in his respect Mahajan is known as Maskati Cloth Mahajan.

Due to exponential growth of the market, Mahajan need still more space to accommodate large no of merchants. We got the space at prime location of old Purushottam Mill compound, of about 45000 Sq. yards and constructed a new market. In 1962 Indian President Mr. Radhakrishnan inaugurated this market. It consists of 402 shops, meeting hall, public hospital, pathology testing laboratory, canteen and rest room for handcart men and servants.


A renowned freedom fighter and a visionary lawyer Late Shree G. V. Mavlankar is the architect of Maskati Cloth Mahajan constitution. It helps the Maskati Cloth Mahajanauthorities to manage the Mahajan effectively and legally since more than 100 years.


After agriculture, textile / cloth and related product industry gives the maximum employment in India. Ahmedabad is known as Manchester of India, as Ahmedabad is an aggressive market of cotton based Punjabi Suites, Shirts, Suiting, Shirting, Bed sheets, Cotton Yarn, Polyester yarn and other related textile products. Maskati Cloth Mahajan’s associated merchants spread their wholesale business network across the India. They have also a very good export business turn over. They have earned a very good reputation in business.

Ahmedabad has a numerous well known Textile Mills, Process Houses, Fashion Garment Designers and Producers. ATIRA (Ahmedabad Textile Industry’s Research Association) is a world renowned Textile Laboratory. So Maskati Cloth Mahajanmerchants got very good textile/cloth product range to trade. Textile industry has also played a very important role in the development Ahmedabad city.


Maskati Cloth Mahajanfought against sale tax and excise duty imposed by Govt. Ultimately Govt. decided to consider cloth as a Manufacturing unit & remove all kind of sales tax & central excise duty.


Maskati Cloth Mahajanhas established two co-operative Banks - Textile trader’s co-op Bank and Nutun Nagarik co-operative bank. They have managed to get the easy finance from the Banks.


Due to high volume of business and more number of traders, there might face some problems in fair dealing of business. In the case of unfair trade practice, many traders lose their money and prestige. Such traders are looking for quick justice at the reasonable cost and efforts.

Maskati Cloth Mahajanhas a different committee for arbitration. Who handles the all arbitration problems, when it cannot be solved by paid staff of Maskati Cloth Mahajan. Maskati Cloth Mahajanhas appointed Arbitration committee convener Mr. Kantibhai Kothari.

Being a moral, honest, transparent, neutral & practical attitude of Maskati Cloth Mahajanstaff and arbitration committee, they have been solving almost all issues among merchants like delayed payment, non-receipt of payment, non-receipt of goods/materials or non-receipt specified goods and materials.

In such cases victim merchant has to apply to Maskati Cloth Mahajanoffice in a specified format. Maskati Cloth Mahajanstaff starts a procedure and write letter/s to defendant. Maskati Cloth Mahajanstaff plays an important role as an arbitrator and solve the problem.

In case Maskati Cloth Mahajanstaff cannot solve the problem than case is transferred to arbitration committee. Committee members listen to both the parties and declare their decision in the most justified manner. Both the parties accept Maskati Cloth Mahajandecision. Even if arbitration committee cannot solve the problem then such case transfer to Maskati Cloth Mahajanmanagement committee headed by Maskati Cloth Mahajanpresident and secretary. They listen to the arbitration committee and convener about the case and declare their judgment for each such case. Maskati Cloth Mahajanmanagement committee judgment remains the final and both the party accept it.

Maskati Cloth Mahajan has earned high reputation among all association of India for their justified arbitration.

Social Responsibility

In the event of natural disasters like draught, earthquake, flood etc. we have collected huge fund from our members and distributed among the effected people. We have personally visited the affected area and provided food, clothes, shelters and grains to support their lives.


We collect subscription charges for our administrative expenditure. We also collect LAGO (Donation fund) from all members on their turn over (roughly Rs.20/- per lakh Rs. Turnover) annually. We use 62% for panjra pole, 38% for human help (like education and health) out of 100% LAGO collection.

Medical Services & Public Hospital

On the event of Golden Jubilee celebration of Maskati Cloth Mahajan, Maskati Cloth Mahajan has opened a Public Hospital. The first donor for the Public hospital is Mr. Ambalal Choksi. Our current hospital convener is Mr. Dhiren Sharma, under his guidance, Maskati Cloth Mahajan has tied up with Sterling Hospital in 2013 for 3 years. Sterling hospital will provide all medical services to Maskati Cloth Mahajanmembers with 15% discount and to cart drawers and labours, Shop owners servants (Gumasta) 30% discount.

Cart Drawers mandal

Maskati Cloth Mahajan is also take care of all cart drawers. Mr. Kantibhai Sanghavi is our cart drawer Mandal convener. He listen all complains of cart drawers and solve their problems.


Maskati Cloth Mahajan had taken active role participation for the years. They had also supported Gandhiji & stop trading foreign cloths. They had only sold domestically manufactured Textile product /cloths during the independence fight. 1st July 1931 first time they have flagged Indian flag against British Govt. rule (on the Maskati Cloth Mahajan Building). They also played important role in the development of Sardar Sarovar- A life line of Gujarat.

Honorable Personalities

Due to the top prestige and importance of Maskati Cloth Mahajan among other known merchant associations of India many VIPs use to visit Maskati Cloth Mahajan. Past President of India Mr. Radhakishnan, Past Prime Minister of India Mr. Morarji Desai, Governors and Chief Ministers visited Maskati Cloth Mahajan. Lok Sevak Shri Ravi Shankar Maharaj, a distinguished wealthy Sheth Shri Kasturbhai Lalbhai, Sheth Shri Amrutlal hargovandas visited Maskati Cloth Mahajan.

Even today from honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi to Chief Minister of Gujarat Ms. Anandiben Patel & other important politicians are actively participate occasionally at Maskati Cloth Mahajan.


Very honest, active, smart, experienced and beloved president Mr. Gaurang Bhagat has taken Maskati Cloth Mahajan reputation to the new height. He always thinks for the benefit of each member of Maskati Cloth Mahajan. He has launched a Website, to promote Maskati Cloth Mahajan on Internet across the World.

He is always favour for the safe trade to avoid fraud and save his merchants from the dishonest behavior and mal trade practice. He suggests creating a Web Site where only reputed textile/cloth and related product association- registered members can practice trade. They will trade Online and make safe and trustworthy transactions.

In the Presidency of Mr. Gaurang Bhagat, Mr. Nareshbhai Sharma (Secretary) and other active and honest committee members, there are 235 new members joined Masati Cloth Mahajan. There is no doubt Maskati Cloth Mahajan will multiply their business and earn more name and fame in India and abroad.